Electric Winches

HES Winches Australia are manufacturers and distributors of Electric Winches for hoisting and hauling applications for domestic, commercial or industrial use, all winches are designed and built to international and/or Australian Standards and tested prior to dispatch.
  • HWA

    HES Winches Australia design and manufacture specialised winch solutions for a multitude of industries.  Our applcation and design team utilise quality components and offer a wide variety of configurations and options.  HWA Winches are engineered to meet your application requirements and applicable regulatory authorities.

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  • OZ Winch

    Oz Winches are lightweight yet strong, incredibly durable, safe and fantastic value for money.  Built with a precision planetary gear train, they feature quality roller bearings throughout, a high starting torque motor designed specifically for winch hauling and hoisting applications and a fail safe electromagnetic disc brake to provide safe, easy load control.  All Oz Winches have the option of being configured with a wireless remote control.

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  • Dinamic Oil

    Dinamic Oil design and manufacture a complete range of hoisting solutions with line pulls from 500kg to 35,000 kg.  The company is customer focused and expertly matches application requirements with know how and commitment to offer flexible and high quality products.

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  • Dual Lift

    DualLift is a global leader in material transport and man riding hoists.  These hoists are strong, safe and effective to work for many applications and can be customised to your specifications.    DualLift hoists are used in a wide variety of applications such as elevator construction, driven scaffolds, height assemblies, industrial climbing, facade and roof maintenance, ship building, wind turbine construction, stage hoists etc.

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  • Warn

    Warn designs, manufactures and markets over 600 products for automotive, powersports, industrial and commercial users including a full line of off road equipment and accessories for enhancing the performance of 4WDs, ATV's and utility vehicles; electric and hydraulic winches and hoists for commercial, industrial and sever duty applications; utility winches and hoists for tradesman and DIY consumer.

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Supplier information... At HES Winches we have developed a series of winches we feel work wonderfully in the Australia conditions.