Titan WPH 32

Product Features

  • Extremely versatile to safely lift, pull, lower or stretch loads over long distances.
  • Can be used in horizontal, vertical or angled working positions.
  • Lightweight, portable and compact design.
  • High strength housing made of corrosion free alloy steel plate with durable chrome finish to protect against rust.
  • All internal components galvanised to minimise corrosion.
  • Unique wire rope reeler allows for easier and safer rope storage

Product Information

Product Benefits

  • The reliable parallel gripping system has a large surface contact area providing an evenly distributed grip at a lower force.
  • Built in overload protection by a shear pin arrangement in the forward lever.
  • Broken shear pins can be replaced without removing the load.
  • Spare shear pins are supplied with units.
  • Equipped with an anchor bolt, offering numerous connection possibilities with wire ropes and chain slings.
  • Swivel hooks are available for replacing anchor bolts as required.

Product Specifications

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Service/Operating Manuals

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Wire Rope Recovery Winch - 3200KG Capacity