Tulsa RN45P

Product Features

  • Intelliguard™ "Capacity Alert System". Easy-to-read light indicator alerts operators to safe and unsafe conditions, enabling them to make better, safer operation decisions
  • Two-speed hydraulic motor with shift-on-the-fly capability
  • Single, externally mounted airshift cylinder
  • Integral spring-applied, hydraulically released multiple disk brake with hydraulic brake valve and overrunning clutch
  • Air applied drum brake

Product Information

Product Benefits

  • Captures critical data on winch overload activity, including date and time of event. Allows fleet and safety managers to properly size winches for specific applications
  • Optimal flexibility in selecting line speed and line pull to match load conditions
  • Allows efficient, simple operation and easy access for maintenance
  • Provides superior load control and smoother operation in the best possible configuration to ensure longer brake like and positive clutch engagement
  • Prevents birdnesting of cable during free spool operation

Product Specifications

  • Pulling Capacity: 45,000 lbs/20,412 kg
  • Weight: 940 lbs/426 kg

Sales Literature

Service/Operating Manuals

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Pulling Capacity: 45,000 lbs/20,412 kg

Weight: 940 lbs/426 kg